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  • Grab a coffee and chill out in the Café - Now open in Beta. Somethings will be rough around the edges, so please submit feedback within General Discussions section
  1. Crakila

    Future Funk

    Post Future Funk music that you are listening to:
  2. Crakila

    The General Discussion Thread

    For users on the Arc Browser (Currently macOS only), their new Boosts feature allow you to re-colour and change parts of the website. I have created a new theme called Cool Blue. Click on this link to apply !
  3. Crakila

    Futuristic Minimalist

    Inspired by my love for the aesthetic of Mirrors' Edge, I present Futuristic Minimalist.
  4. Crakila

    The General Discussion Thread

    This thread is to serve as the main 'chat' thread where discussions may not be necessary in another thread, so we have this one that we can say stuff. What are you all up to today?
  5. Crakila

    Anime Picture Thread

    If you find any cool-looking anime pictures, post them here: If you can include credit please do, but it's not a requirement
  6. Crakila

    Cozy Vibes Music

  7. Crakila

    City pop

  8. Crakila

    City pop

    Let's dedicate a thread to one of my favourite genres in music right now, City pop!
  9. Crakila

    What Anime are you watching?

    As per the title, what are you watching? And how are you finding it so far? I have been watching Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall and it's 'ok' - Nothing mind-blowing but enjoyable after about 2 or 3 episodes.
  10. Crakila

    Cozy Vibes Music

    It is the namesake of this website, so let's hear some cozy vibes music.
  11. Crakila

    Welcome to the Cozy Vibes Café

    Welcome one and welcome all to the newest Café on the internet, the Cozy Vibes Café. Grab a coffee, a treat and a take a seat, The Cozy Vibes Café is set to be a chill, relaxing forum for everyone with no specific topic or nice but we try to have an ‘anime, manga, music, memes, vaporwavy/funky...